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James Cook: The Voyages (27th April to 28th August 2018) explores James Cook’s three world-changing voyages through stunning artworks, original maps, handwritten journals and contemporary films.


The exhibition, which includes the first ever chart of New Zealand by James Cook, allows visitors to follow the course of his voyages, from the perspective of those on board the ships to those who saw them arrive on their shores, and consider their legacy and relevance today.


From iconic depictions of people and landscapes by artists Sydney Parkinson, John Webber and William Hodges to an evocative collection of drawings by Polynesian high priest and navigator Tupaia, which are going on display together for the first time, James Cook: The Voyages will take visitors on a journey of discovery from the Pacific Ocean to the Antarctic.


Other highlights include James Cook’s handwritten journal entry describing the first crossing of the Antarctic Circle, specimens from the first voyage, the first illustrations of Antarctic and Hawaii, the first European drawing of a kangaroo as well as artefacts such as jewellery and musical instruments discovered on the voyages.


The exhibition will chart Cook’s three voyages, from the Endeavour setting sale from Plymouth in 1768 to the Resolution and Discovery returning to Britain in 1780 after Cook’s death in Hawaii.




Broadcast and online footage, is available free and without copyright to all broadcasters and media via the Online Press Office.


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Footage includes:

GVs of the James Cook exhibition at The British Library

            Shots include: Paintings of New Zealand and Australia

                                    First chart of New Zealand

                                    First artworks of Antarctic

                                    Bamboo Flute from Tahiti

                                    First European depiction of a kangaroo


IV William Frame, Co-curator of ‘James Cook: The Voyages’ at the British Library

IV Laura Walker, Co-curator of ‘James Cook: The Voyages’ at the British Library

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