Sunday 1st April, sees the launch of a new, limited edition, chocolate Mayonnaise. The culinary experts at Heinz have been working around the clock to create the top-secret, exquisitely delicious, new recipe in time for Easter.  

Bringing together one of the nation’s most popular sauces, mayonnaise, with everyone’s favourite Easter-time sweet treat of chocolate in mouth-watering harmony, Heinz has developed the ultimate Easter indulgence: Heinz [Seriously] Good Chocolate Mayonnaise.

The innovative sauce has been developed as a response to the trend for using mayonnaise in place of eggs and oil in cakes, brownies and tarts over the past few years.

To create the outrageously chocolatey version of their award-winning premium mayonnaise, chefs blended Mayonnaise - made with free-range eggs - with the finest Belgian dark chocolate, made from premium quality dark roasted cacao beans.

The result is rich and creamy, subtly sweet and VERY chocolatey. It works beautifully with both sweet and savoury staples, whether it’s spread thickly on warm toast, dolloped on grilled cheese on toast, stirred into your chocolate cake batter for the ultimate, extra-chocolatey hazelnut tarts or chocolate cake, or even – shhh! - straight out of the jar with a spoon.