A map showing the dirtiest route in London has been revealed today (Weds Oct 17) as a major car manufacturer has demonstrated how future fuel cell technology vehicles could be used to clean the air we breathe and tackle the UK’s air pollution problem.

University College London (UCL) researchers have used open data from Kings College to map the route which covers Central and Greater London’s dirtiest roads. (Map attached).

As part of its Clean Driving Month, Hyundai will demonstrate how future car technology could help tackle the problem and clean up the air we breath. Its dramatic clean air demonstration at UCL shows how its Nexo fuel cell vehicle actively purifies the atmosphere as it drives.

The zero-emission vehicle has an advanced purification system which means that when it’s driven for just one hour, 26.9kg of air is purified, the same amount as 42 adults breathe in one hour.

The demonstration at UCL will show a large balloon of dirty air being purified in real time as it passes through the car’s fuel cell system, producing nothing but water vapour and heat.

As part of the Clean Driving activity, Hyundai is also giving Londoners the chance to clean up their streets with NEXO Neighbourhoods. The car will collect them from their home and they will have an hour slot to test out the brand new fuel cell vehicle for themselves – and see how much air they have cleaned after a drive.





Notes for Editors:

Clean Air Demonstration

The purpose of the Clean Air Demonstration is to demonstrate how dirty and polluted air can be cleaned by the Hyundai NEXO.

Fine dust, which is made up of carbon powder and contains 10g of PM10 and 5g of PM2.5 is inserted into the balloon using a blower – this is the same amount that an adult will inhale over 100 years and is 45,000 times above the World Health Organization recommendation. Once the balloon is fully inflated and contains all the fine dust, we start the NEXO.

For the purposes of our demonstration the NEXO will not move anywhere and the driving effect is created using software.

In terms of how the NEXO actually cleans the air, it’s all down to the chemical air filter and the humidifier which is made of several thousand membrane tubes as well as the fuel cell stack. These elements work together to ensure that 99.9% of particulates are filtered during a drive.

Once the ‘dirty air’ from the first balloon has passed through the chemical air filter, humidifier and fuel cell stack, it begins to fill the second balloon up with clean air. There is no C02, N02, PM2.5 or PM10 present in the second balloon – only water vapour – with the particulates that made up the ‘dirty air’ caught in the air filter.

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