London, Wednesday 18th April 2018 – An ultra-realistic humanoid robot, who has complex gestures and is able to have conversations, surprised members of the public in a local pub to help launch the second season of Westworld.


“Fred” the robot joined patrons at lunchtime with a friendly chat about his favourite TV show and the eventual annihilation of the human race.


The robot was built by Engineered Arts with five engineers over twelve weeks. The team developed several hundred thousand lines of computer code and tens of thousands of components, including a sophisticated metal skeleton, silicone skin, real hair and solid acrylic eyes, all 3D-scanned from a real, 55-year-old male to bring Fred to life.

To field test him, a London pub was rigged with hidden cameras and Fred was planted in the bar to learn whether he could beguile the public, making a nod to Westworld’s central premise where humans interact with the mechanical beings that are imbued with emotions.

Fred’s human-like interactions were controlled by Engineered Arts’ telepresence system which uses inbuilt sensors, cameras and microphones to track what and how people interact. He then responded appropriately with emphasised gestures and punctuated speech voiced by a remote operator. He was created to engage in natural conversation in real time as a human would.

“Fred” was created by NOW TV to launch season 2 of Westworld and is the world’s first robot influencer.

An edited video (A-Roll) is available on our online press office, details of which can be found below. A rough cut footage (B-Roll) is available on request.


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Footage includes:

IV Emma Quartly, Marketing Director, NOW TV

IV Will Jackson, Director, Engineered Arts

IV Tedroy Newell, VO Artist/Robot

GV’S Fred in the pub

GV’s Fred interacting with public

GV’S Behind-the-scenes of robot being created


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