Today, Tuesday 12th June, a new survey reveals the UK’s design crimes over the past few decades.

Toilet rugs, taxidermy and avocado coloured bathrooms – the once commonplace fixtures in our homes – have been crowned the biggest furnishing fails of the past 50 years in a survey of home design disasters. Other style slip-ups identified by the survey include floral ‘chintz’ furniture, waterbeds and Artex.


The research was commissioned by Samsung to mark the launch of its new QLED TV Range featuring a unique Ambient mode which enables the TV to blend seamlessly into the home environment thereby eliminating at least one home décor headache – a large, ugly blank screen.


A panel of design experts from publications including Wallpaper, Ideal Home and House Beautiful created a shortlist of the worst interior design trends spanning a period of half a century, which was then put to a public vote of 2,000 UK adults to discover the ultimate home-fashion faux pas.


The top 10 WORST home horrors from the past 50 years:


  1. Toilet rugs/furry toilet seat covers – 43.8%
  2. Taxidermy – 38.9%
  3. Avocado bathrooms – 32.4%
  4. Floral ‘chintz’ furniture – 27.5%
  5. Waterbeds – 25.2%
  6. Artex walls and ceilings – 24.9%
  7. Carpeted bathrooms – 24.7%
  8. Rag rolled walls – 22.6%
  9. Tribal carvings, masks and wall hangings – 22.6%
  10. Stone cladding – 19.2%

The 1970s was voted the worst decade for dodgy décor in the half century under review, according to 38% of Brits. Some of the biggest design crimes of the period included avocado-coloured bathrooms and flying duck wall displays.

This was followed by the 80s (22%), characterised by features such as toilet rugs and pink bathrooms, and then the 60s, with 19% of Brits taking issue with design trends that included psychedelic patterns, lace doilies and clashing colour schemes.

Another interior design quandary identified in the study revolved around how to display or conceal technology in the home.  The majority of those surveyed (60%) believed the days of displaying huge black TV screens on walls were dated as they stood out too much from the rest of the room.

Further findings revealed that cleanliness was ranked as the feature which matters most to Brits (47%), followed by interior design (29%) and size (15%). More than six in ten (64%) admit to having made judgments about people simply on the basis of their home interior.

Samsung’s research also revealed almost half of Brits (47%) have redecorated in the past year and a quarter of Brits (25%) redecorate parts of their home at least once a year.

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