Jamie Oliver has hit the road to launch a roadside revolution, bringing more wholesome food to the country’s hungry motorists.

To celebrate the launch of the Jamie Oliver deli by Shell partnership, the chef, campaigner and broadcaster set up his smallest-ever eatery to road-test his food - a one-day-only establishment inside a small cabman’s shelter in Russell Square.

One of only 13 remaining in the capital, they were part of a network set up in the 19th century to offer warm shelter and wholesome food to hansom cab drivers – now London’s black cab drivers.

Jamie invited taxi drivers, builders and commuters to roll up and road-test some of the new items which include classics such as bacon baps, porridge, fruit smoothies and sausage rolls, but each of them has a nutritious and delicious Jamie twist.

The long-term partnership was announced after an IPSOS Mori survey revealed that more than half (56%) of UK drivers want healthier choices at forecourts.

The new offering is designed to give motorists that healthier choice, including 69% more fruit and veg across the range of sandwiches, which will contribute to an estimated 1.2 million additional portions of daily fruit and veg, annually.

More than 80 new products will be available at more than 500 of Shell’s service stations across the UK from January 31st.